Perhaps you’ve seen a piece of jewellery that you love, but would prefer to have it in a different metal.  Or perhaps the metal and finish is ideal, but you’d rather an alternative gemstone.  Maybe you like elements from two separate pieces and would like them combined into one.  Or possibly, you’re looking to have a completely new piece made and would like to have a choice of design ideas with sketches to choose from.  Commissioning a new piece of bespoke jewellery ensures you can tailor it to your exact liking.  Here’s how it would typically work..



  • Get in touch for an intial consultation.  This can be done face to face or via email.  At this point we can discuss potential design ideas.  We’ll also talk about which materials you may like to use and establish a budget.


  • Hand drawn design sketches are made and costings in each case given.


  • Once you agree on a design a 50% deposit is required prior to materials being ordered and work commencing.


  • A commission will usually take anything between 3 to 6 weeks to complete, generally depending on the availability of certain gemstones.


  • Once made, you can collect your new piece of bespoke jewellery and pay the remaining balance.  Alternatively, the piece can be posted out to you by fully insured Royal Mail special delivery.
sterling silver and platinum ring, 18ct gold ring with diamonds
18ct white gold pendant with tanzanite and diamond
18ct yellow and white gold ring with peridot
18ct gold with lemon quartz and tsavorite
18ct white and red gold ring
18ct white gold ring with tanzanite and diamonds
18ct gold earrings with fire opal and diamonds
sterling silver and 18ct gold ring with chrome diopside and diamonds
18ct gold ring with diamonds
sterling silver and 18ct gold earrings with drusy and mandarine garnet

A remodelling service is also available.  It’s become increasingly popular in recent years.  The materials from old jewellery, both precious metals and gemstones, can be recycled then reworked as completely new pieces.  It’s an opportunity to put the life back into unworn jewellery or to re-imagine a sentimental heirloom.  If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

design sketch
remodel 2
remodel 3
remodel 4
remodelled diamond ring